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Day 3

SAM_1442A.jpgSAM_1428.jpgI woke up with the foot being less painful but still somewhat swollen. I continued aspirin through the day and it has continued to improve as I rested it as much as I could. We ate breakfast in the same café downstairs and then visited the bowling lanes at the Orleans Hotel & Casino. 70 lanes side by side. In the pro shop we found the latest reactive case balls at US$140-$160. It was tempting. I settled for a new wrist grip, souvenir bowling towel & some wipes to remove oil from the bowling balls. Bowling during the day costs just $2 per game.
Whilst there at Orleans we had lunch at TGIF and then rode a taxi back to Aria to pick up a 2 hour limousine tour of the strip. We had our photo taken at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, just like every other visitor does. There was around 50 people in the line waiting for their photos. We ate dinner in the Lemongrass Thai restaurant in the Aria complex and then saw the Zarkana Cirque de Soleil show which finished around 11pm. Then it was upstairs, pack & get a few hours sleep before the 6.30am wake up call for the flight to San Francisco.

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Day 2

large_20130819_154642.jpgI woke Darlene just after 8 am, much refreshed. We really needed that sleep. Only problem is I had a sore foot. Not sure why but we did a lot of walking. The walk to the elevator from our room is around 150 metres and we are not at the end of the hall. Big place. We had breakfast in the café and came out frozen. We were underneath an air conditioning duct. Even Darlene was cold! We caught a taxi to the South mall for a day of serious shopping. Darlene’s favourite perfume was half normal price and that was just the first store. We spent many hours and many dollars and returned wondering how to fit it in our cases.
We arrived at the mall in bright sunshine and exited into thunderstorm. It was thundery & rainy the rest of the day. After dumping our goodies in the room we caught another cab a short way down the strip and selected a restaurant for a light meal – Dennys. We then visited the Hard Rock Café, the Coke store and the M&M store. By this time my sore foot was painful and I had to sit and rest it a bit. We walked back to the room somehow stopping at a Pharmacy for some pain medication for the foot. After some viber chats with Simone, our daughter, who is also an excellent nurse, we deduced it was probably DVT. I took some aspirin & went to sleep.

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Day 1

Melbourne to Las Vegas

SAM_1410.jpglarge_SAM_1411.jpgWe left home just after 8 am for our 11 am flight, yes we were late. We hadn’t got far whenI realised I left my glasses on the bench (oops) a quick u turn and then we were off. Traffic was ok until we got near the airport. Then we crawled. We got to the check in queue and lined up for 30 minutes to drop off the bags. Then it was straight through the doors and lined up for security check and again for customs (or is it immigration?). Then we went straight to the gate lounge, met up with Lance & Karol and straight onto the plane as boarding had already started. The flight was bumpy at first and in a few places. We were all uncomfortable shoe horned into economy and barely slept. The one bit of good news was that we arrived about 40 minutes early.
At the US immigration check we were first directed to line numbers 7-10 only to find a long line at 10 and the others closed. Then another attendant trying to help told us to go to lines 1 & 2, but on the way there we were turned around by yet another attendant and sent back to line 10. The other attendant again insisted we use 1 & 2 and again we were tuned around. So we were in line 10 again for about a minute when we were told to go to line 16. Give me strength!!! The guy at the gate when we finally got there asked us why we didn’t have any vegemite and if we would survive for 3 weeks without it. We declared we had Tim Tams and Darlene’s “snake” lollies but that was ok and we were waved straight through. The rest of the LAX transition was smooth.
The next challenge was to find Darlene a cup of tea at the airport terminal waiting for our connecting flight. They had something called Tazo tea which we hadn’t heard of. It turned out to be a brand name and they had English Breakfast as one of the options. All good except the concept of adding milk to it was totally foreign and I had to ask twice and insist on regular milk and not cream.
The flight to Las Vegas was short and uneventful. We caught a taxi to the hotel and lined up for over half an hour to check in. The hotel has 4000 rooms and the check in counter is over 50 metres long. The queue was double that. We had a late lunch after checking in and caught the free monorail to the Bellagio and wandered around there for a while. When we came back it was happy hour in the bar so we had a red wine. We were nearly spent by this time after virtually no sleep on the plane. We had a shower and Darlene put her feet up while I went with Lance to find a light snack for dinner . An hour or so later we staggered back in. Darlene and I shared blueberry muffins and some coke and called it a night around 9pm.

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